Sunday, October 28, 2012

Teach Them To Fish Part 2: School

Teach Them To Fish Part 2

In Part 1 of Teach Them To Fish, we took on the daily monster called Laundry! My kids are not masters of their domain yet, but I can see a change. Sure, it's a teeny tiny change but I am counting it as a victory.

In Part 2, we are going to tackle school. I love cuddling with my kids as we read over history books. Nothing beats science lessons in the kitchen. But with 3 kids, I sometimes find myself being pulled in 3 directions. We are still trying to find our groove when it comes to managing our day. It seems like this is something all homeschool parents face and I am hoping we can learn from each other.  

Here's how I am going to Teach Them To Fish when it comes to school:

1. Space- You need to have a set place for work to be done. This could be the kitchen table, the office or a desk in their room.  After awhile, it will become understood that work is done there and the materials are stored there. This doesn't mean that science can't be done in the backyard or that reading can't take place snuggled up on the couch. We school all over our house but the "stuff" is stored in one place. 

2. Routine-  Please notice I didn't say schedule because to me that implies a regimented system that is only designed to fail. It's better to say, "After snack, we will have ____", than to say, "At 3:15, we will have _____." A routine is simply a suggestion of a general order of the way the day flows. 

3. Write It Down- This year I created a weekly student planner for the older two. They are in second and fourth grade. So far it has really helped for them to see what each day holds in store. Plus, I think they inherited my love of checking tasks off. It's also nearly eliminated the question, "H. Here is a copy of our weekly student planner.

4. Be Flexible- One of the greatest things about homeschooling is the flexibility. I am a planner by nature but showing your kids that plans can change is a huge lesson. Flexibility and spontaneity are important virtues to instill in our children. In this world of "getting it your way, right now, flexibility is unheard of!

I would love to hear your input.

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