Second Grade

Second Grade Checklist 

Second Grade English Language Arts Standards 
1.0 Reading

-I know the sounds that letters make.
Clifford's Sound Match
Read-Write-Think Picture Match
Fisher Price Phonics Game
Kid Zone Printable Worksheets
Worksheet Place: Letter By Letter Phonics

-I use spelling patterns when I read.
Spelling Patterns Diagnostic Assessment
Spelling Patterns: Teaching Tools & Activities for 37 Rimes ($5.00)
The Five Basic Structures of English Spelling Patterns Race for Spelling Patterns

-I use syllables to help figure out words.
Syllable Games Online
Scholastic Syllabication Activities
Syllable Sort
Silly Seuss Syllables
Sadlier-Oxford Space Station Game

-I know common abbreviations. Make an Abbreviations Books
School Express Abbreviations Worksheets
Abbreviations Sort ($2.00)

-I know how to use plurals.
Irregular Plurals Match 
Fun Brain- The Plurals Girls
Primary Games- See and Spell Plurals Game
Harcourt School- Plural Play
Plural Pizzazz: Games for Plural Endings with the Final "Y "

-I read second grade material smoothly and accurately.
Reading Strategies Poster and Bookmark
K12 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Have Fun Teaching Reading Comprehension Worksheets
Reading Fluency Strategies

-I understand antonyms and synonyms.
Arcademic Skill Builders Word Frog Game
Words on The Bus Synonym and Antonym Cards ($1.25) 
Education.Com Synonym and Antonym Worksheet

-I use prefixes and suffixes correctly.
Prefix Cards with Definitions Illustrations and Examples ($3.00) 
Prefix and Suffix Bingo
First School Years Prefixes and Suffixes Worksheet Collection
Free Reading Prefixes and Suffixes Activities

-I understand words with several meanings.
Homonym Game
Homonym Madness
Homonym Memory
Cooking Up Some Homophones
Homophones Activity Recording Sheet Freebie
Homophones vs Homonyms vs Homographs
Have Fun Teaching Homophones Worksheets

2.0 Comprehension

-I understand what the author is trying to say.
Author's Purpose Posters, Graphic Organizers & Chart
Author's Purpose Reading Strategy Recording Sheet
Arthur's Purpose Visual PIE
EReading Worksheets Author's Purpose 1
EReading Worksheets Author's Purpose 2
EReading Worksheets Author's Purpose 3

-I can tell the characters, setting, theme, and plot of a story.
Mystery Cube 
Create Your Own Character
Character Trading Cards
Story Street Story Elements
Have Fun Teaching Graphic Organizers


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