Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let's Talk MATH

Math: Teaching Textbooks

As promised, I want to take the time to discuss the curriculum we are using this year. We will start with Math.

For the two older kids, we are using Teaching Textbooks. My 2nd grader is a math whiz, so she is doing the 3rd grade set. I've read reviews that state the TT is a year behind public school. I find that hard to believe. I look at the 4th grade book and it looks harder than what my 5th graders did in public school. If you haven't heard about Teaching Textbooks, you really should take a look at the demo on their site. It is certainly pricey, at least by my standards, but Math is worth stretching my school budget.

Here are the reasons I chose Teaching Textbooks:
1. It goes ALL the way to Pre-Cal. Yes, I'm thinking way ahead.
2. The CD-ROM includes an instructional video for each lesson. The student watches this prior to doing the problems. S/he then stops the video and completes the practice problems. Then if they are confused or miss the practice problem, the video tutor can walk them through the problem step by step.
3. The CD-ROM does automatic grading! This means instant feedback for you and your child.
4. There are quizzes spaced out every 7 lessons. I like quizzes.
5. There are 118 lessons for 3rd grade and 119 lessons for 4th grade. With our school year lasting 180 days, this fits perfect with 3-4 lessons a week. I fill the other days with review or math lessons that further their understanding (file folder games, online games, fun lessons to correspond with holidays, math from other subject areas, etc)
6. The workbook is spiral bound and black and white. This is a selling point for me because I like to make copies so that my investment can last a few years.
7. The curriculum is a great balance of mastery and spiral.

My littlest one is 4 but she is so ready to be like the big kids. I can't believe that she would have to wait another year to start public school kindergarten. This year for math we are working with Spectrum math as our guide. I am not a huge supporter of spending hundreds (or even $100!) on curriculum for a kindergartner. I think kids can learn from basic books and hands-on means.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. It is very informative. My daughter also loves math so I call her math monster. hahahah. I would love to try it. :)

  2. Like your new look! And my kids use Teaching Textbooks too! Love it!