Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Free Homeschool: 1st Grade Language Arts

Any homeschool mom will tell you, you can get overwhelmed and go broke trying to find the perfect curriculum for your homeschool. I have compiled a list of activities, online games and worksheet links to help you navigate the Common Standards. This may not be your only curriculum, but it will help fill in the gaps or help extend a lesson beyond what your purchased curriculum provides. 

First Grade English Language Arts Standards 
1.0 Reading

-I know the sounds that letters make.
Clifford's Sound Match
Read-Write-Think Picture Match
Fisher Price Phonics Game
Kid Zone Printable Worksheets
Worksheet Place: Letter By Letter Phonics

-I use letter sounds and blending when I read.
PBS Kids: Blend Bowl Game
Gamequarium Jr. Blends Games
Soft Schools Blends Games
Phonics on the Web- List of blends
Have Fun Teaching: Blends List and Worksheets
Have Fun Teaching: Blends Activities (you won't believe these are free!)

-I read rhyming words.
Sadlier-Oxford Rhyming Memory Game
Scholastic: Reggie the Rhyming Rhino Game
PBS Kids Rhyming Games
TLSBook Rhyming Sheets
File Folder Farm Rhyming Game
Green Eggs & Ham Rhyming Cards ($1.00)
Kids Learning Station Printables

-I read word families.
Story It: Odd Man Out Word Family Game
Read-Write-Think Construct Game
Hubbards Cupboard Printable Booklets
Under Construction Word Family Cards ($1.49)
Apples 4 The Teacher Flash Cards & Activities
Word Family Work Station
Penguin Word Families
Have Fun Teaching Activities (again, you won't believe these are free!)

2.0 Comprehension

-I can read and understand first grade materials.
Clarkness Printable Stories
Printable Books for Beginning Readers

-I can give examples of cause and effect. Cause & Effect Unit
Have Fun Teaching Worksheets
Cause and Effect Detectives
Cause and Effect Mini Poster

-I can read diagrams, charts, and graphs. Reading Charts & Graphs Worksheets  

 -I can follow 2-step written directions.
School Sparks Multi Step Worksheets
Board Make Share 2 Step Direction Sheets

-I can tell the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end of a story.
Have Fun Teaching Graphic Organizers
Story Street Elements
Stupendous Story Elements (30 pg. packet)
Story Element Picture Cards

3.0 Literary Response/Analysis
Readers Response Templates 

4.0 Writing Strategies

-I can write a sentence.
Have Fun Teaching Writing Sentences Activities
School Express Create Your Own Worksheet
Cut and Paste Sentences
Writing Mini Poster
Silly Sentences Mix Up

-I use the writing process successfully.
Mrs. Meacham Writer's Workshop Unit
Writing Process Posters
Writing Self Checklist

-I have neat, correct handwriting.
Amazing Handwriting Worksheets- enter your own words!
Handwriting Galore D'Nelian
Handwriting Galore
My Handwriting Book
Have Fun Teaching Handwriting Worksheets 


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