Thursday, April 12, 2012



I am naturally a routine and checklist kind of person. I like lists. Yeah, I'm one of those people. But if anything can throw someone off their game, it's kids! Add homeschooling to those bundles of joy and you have a recipe for insanity.
I find myself asking the same questions everyday: Did you brush your teeth? Did you pick up your dirty clothes? Is your school area picked up?
I decided to hop on the bandwagon of checklist I've seen all over the place on Pinterest. Of course, none were just right for my kids so I made my own. I am offering the blank ones in my Teachers Notebook store for free.
If you would like a set of personalized ones, here are the details.
A set of 3 charts:
Personalized with your child's name
You pick the titles (Ex: I am ready for bed)
You pick the bullet points (Ex: I brushed my teeth)
Saved as a PDF and emailed to you $1.50
Printed, laminated and shipped to you $5.00 (includes shipping to lower 48 states)
please click on the links to order

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