Sunday, April 22, 2012

The End Is Near

Spring is in the air! 

We even had Spring weather this weekend here in San Francisco. Do you have Spring Fever? This is the time of year when homeschool parents and teachers commiserate about the laziness of their kids.

How can you plow through these last weeks?

You know the old saying, "If you can't beat'em, join'em"? Well, that is the best thing I can think of when it comes to kids with a nasty case of Spring Fever. There is work to be done and we can't let that slide by, but you can devise a plan that will make everyone happy. 

It sounds simple, maybe too simple, but set up a goal and make a reward. My kids want to be outside when it's sunny, so letting them do their work outside is easy and free. But a bigger goal would be to finish your work so you can play outside. 

Need some ideas for inspiration?

Try switching things up. Get the "must do" work done before lunch. Then pack up your lunch and head to the park. Spend some time curled up on your blanket, reading a book. 

Start the day with a bike ride. It gets the blood flowing and makes the kids more alert for school. 

Go buy a big bucket of sidewalk chalk. The kids can do math and spelling on the driveway.

Now is a great time to study plants. Have the kids plant a flower of their own.

For a great lesson on money, have the kids plan an outdoor dinner for a set amount of money. You're never to young to learn about a budget. The younger kids could make decorations for the dinner.

Check out your local resources. Sometimes out of the house is just as good as outside. Spring is the perfect time for more field trips.

Please share your tips for finishing the year strong.

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