Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Science Anyone?

I am a self-proclaimed Earth Science nerd. When I was getting my undergraduate degree in education at the University of Texas, I had to chose a specialty within the education department. It wasn't really a minor, just an area that I wanted to take a ton of extra classes and eventually get an additional teaching certificate in.
I chose Earth Science. It wasn't a popular choice, but it's what I enjoyed studying so I thought it was the logical choice. Looking back, math or reading would have been the wiser choice since that's what is tested in schools.

But honestly, it was all to prepare me for this time in my life when I would be teaching my own 3 kids, not a classroom full of fifth graders.

Oh, and I live in earthquake country now too. It's almost laughable.

Because I am an Earth Science nerd and because I live in the San Francisco area, I am constantly checking the USGS website. Not only have I learned all the fault lines, but I learned the USGS has some great teaching materials for FREE! You must take a look at this fabulous site.

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