Friday, April 27, 2012

Curriculum Search: History

I am not sure which is harder, finding the perfect bathing suit or finding the perfect curriculum. As if the world is laughing at me, the time for finding both comes at the same time of year. This is the time of year when all homeschool parents begin to re-evaluate their curriculum choices and start shopping for something new. (Unless you've already found the perfect fit, in which case, congrats!)
Before long, your desk will be filled with notes and copies of every free preview unit available at which point you will feel like screaming. Oh come on, it can't just be me!

This week I am going to review a few History curricula that might not be on your radar. These are a little less popular than the "big box" ones but they are relatively less expensive and might be a perfect fit.

Comprehensive literature, history and geography study
Supports Classical education but don't be turned off by that if you're
not a Classical homeschooler.
Odyssey books are not Christian based but Story of the Word does contain Bible references.
3 Levels, each one covers Ancients, Middle Ages, Early Modern and Modern Times
History is studied chronologically and with this program, 
students will study all 4 periods 3 separate times, broadening their knowledge each time.
Planned out in 36 Weekly Lessons
$28.99-$33.99 eBook
1st-12th grades

Other resources required like: Story of the World, History Pockets, Coloring Books, 
Usborne Encyclopedia, etc.

Time Travelers History Study Series
by Homeschool In The Woods


Activities-based, hands-on
creative writing, recipes, file folder games, experiments, timeline, 
penmanshop, notebooking, dioramas, Lap Books, and each unit
has a Final Celebration!
Beautifully laid out lesson plan schedule
Series include the following periods (sold separately)
The New World Explorers
Colonial Life
The American Revolution
The Early 19th Century
The Civil War
The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression
Each set is 25 lessons which can take 5-10 weeks
$28.95 each set
Grades 3-8

Trail Guide to Learning
by Geography Matters

Perfect for multi-age homeschools
Comprehensive instruction with activities for 3 grade levels
Uses icons to differentiate between the 3 grade levels
Reading, Writing, Science, Geography and History
Based on Dr. Ruth Beechick's educational philosophy
Supports Charlotte Mason education
3 Levels:
Paths of Exploration (grades 3-5)
Paths of Settlement (grades 4-6)
Paths of Progress (grades 5-7)
Book and Cd filled with over 2000 printables
Other resources needed to complete lessons
$120 for full year
(not including additional resources)

If you have used any of the curricula listed, please share your thoughts.



  1. A friend of mine recommended History of US (not U.S. but us). I am looking for it. If I can find it we are going to try it. We did not do history last year except Bible and biographies of every president we could get our hands on. The girls really enjoyed it and now Bella wants to be the first blonde president with long hair.

  2. I haven't tried any of them, however, I have been looking at lessons similar to the first one you showed...BUT I really fell in love with Time Travelers. We are just starting homeschooling and my kids having been in the public school system for years are mostly weary students!! I want to build some excitement for learning our first year and they look perfect!!