Sunday, January 8, 2012

Newest Creation....Farm Centers

The Christmas trees are down, New Year's is behind us and the stores are filled with bathing suits and flip flops. This can only  mean one thing, Spring is on its way! One of the popular Spring themes is farms.
I was feeling a bit Spring-y and farm-y, so I made a few activities to fill your Word Work centers.

Take a look. Leave a comment. I'll be sending 1 lucky person the unit for free, just for commenting.


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  2. We are learning about farms and spring right now so this would be a great addition to our unit. Thanks for the contest!

  3. How fun! It looks great! I would love to use this!

  4. I am a brand new teacher, starting this upcoming year, and my school always does a field trip to a local farm in the Spring!! This would be an AWESOME way to cover a lot of ground in the preceding weeks!! I have already bookmarked your blog...what great, creative ideas!!