Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review: Computer Science For Kids

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When I look down the road at the future world my children will be working in, there is no doubt that it is filled with technology. Computer Science For Kids is a programming tutorial designed for kids. We reviewed the Microsoft Small Basic programming tutorial.
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The tutorial is over 500 pages, divided into 11 chapters. Each chapter takes between 1 and 6 hours to complete, this would depend on the age of the child and the amount of prior programming knowledge. Our experience was closer to the middle of that range. The lessons come as a PDF or Microsoft document. 

The purpose of these lessons is to teach your child how to build Small Basic applications. Your child will learn about program design, text window applications, and graphic window applications. There are also several computer programs listed to show the fun of learning and using Small Basic.

My son is 10.5 and he is interested in computers and anything "techie". He is right at the beginning target market for this tutorial, which is ages 10 and up. Honestly, I don't think I would use it with a child any younger than 10. The tutorial is self-paced which is great for a child just entering into the programming world.  I would recommend spending short amounts of time each day rather than trying to do it only one day a week. I think I was more stumped on some of information than my son was! Just when I would think he was going to complain or be confused, he'd amaze me with his understanding. I was the one confused!

System Requirement:
XP-SP2, Vista or Windows 7

No prior programming experience is necessary. It would be beneficial if your child does understand how to maintain files on the computer.

Single User License (instant download) is $59.95. The publisher is offering a reduced price of $34.95 until 7/4/13!

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  1. If this trend is maintained then I think the future of technology is going to be big. I never thought that at any one given time that small kids are capable of leaning computer programming. I mean even learning it as an adult is quite a challenge so if kids will be able to learn it then we will look for another term to replace computer wizard because learning programming as a kid will mean one will be able to create the most complex programs that no one ever thought could be created.
    However I think age 10 is a little bit earlier for the kids to be introduced to it, I would recommend 12 years plus because at this age it's very simple for a parent to really tell which career path would be best for your child.