Monday, April 22, 2013

For The Birds!

The weather is heating up fast here in Northern California. Flowers are in bloom and the birds are chirping.
I saw a few ideas on Pinterest for bird feeders but I was really drawn to this one because it was easy. 
Yeah, I go for easy! Plus it was something that was simple enough that all of my kids could do it without too much help from me. Hey, someone has to take the pictures and I didn't want peanut butter on my phone. 

Here is what you will need:
Peanut Butter (or allergy-free replacement)
Empty toilet paper rolls
bird seed
knifes or spoons for spreading peanut butter
container to hold bird seed

Step 1:
Spread a thick layer of peanut butter all around the tube.
This might be messy but hey, it's peanut butter!

Step 2:
Roll the tube in the bird seed.
Gently push down so that the bird seed sticks.

Step 3:
Find a branch on a bush or tree to place your new bird feeder.

On a side note-
We had ducks in our pool the next morning. Now, I don't think their presence 
had anything to do with our bird feeders but was a funny coincidence. 

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