Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 2: Schooling In The Kitchen

Learning can take place anywhere. Often times, we do our best learning when we are not sitting at a desk or staring at a book.  Our favorite subject to do in the kitchen is science. There's nothing like a edible science experiment to really bring the learning home.

Our recent science lesson was on the 3 kinds of rocks. Did you know you can eat igneous rocks? Ok, you can't, but you can make fudge and that's a lesson on igneous rocks.

The lesson here is that the sugar, salt, marshmallows and chocolate chips represents minerals and other rocks that get heated and turned into magma. I got some of this stuff on my finger and let me tell you, it felt like lava! Use caution when working with boiling sugary liquids! The fudge cools in the fridge for a few hours which also symbolizes the lava cooling. At the end of the cooling period, the kids looked under a magnifying glass to see if they could notice any crystals. 

This lesson was an introduction to igneous rocks. It is certainly easy an not too scientific but it is an amazing springboard lesson. We talked about this lesson as we moved through the rest of the rock unit.

Who needs a science lab when you've got a kitchen!

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  1. What a fun project! I'm sure my boys would love learning about rocks...and then having a snack afterwards. :-)