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Review: Song School Spanish



¿Hablas espaƱol? 

It is never too early to begin learning a foreign language. Song School Spanish from Classical Academic Press is just perfect for little ones. As I began planning this school year, I knew that Spanish would be part of our curriculum. I jumped at the chance to try this curriculum. The suggested age range is for kindergarten to third grade. This was ideal for my 4.5 year old who does kindergarten work and my 7 year old who is in second grade.

Song School Spanish was designed with the heart of a primary student in mind. There are 30 weekly lessons containing songs, handwriting, vocabulary, games and occasionally some grammar. The student book sells for $24.95 and the teacher book also sells for $24.95. The student book includes the 42 song CD. There are Spanish Amigo Match cards available to purchase for an additional $26.95. We didn't use the teacher book but I can see how it would be of use for the additional activities included at the back. You can also access free coloring sheets and extra songs.

Like the name says, Song School Spanish, uses songs. Anyone who has spent time watching kids' TV shows, knows that songs are a useful and powerful tool for learning. By matching catchy songs with small bits of digestible learning, students can learn at a reasonable pace without being overwhelmed.

The publisher recommends a three day schedule.

On Day 1, students read the new words and listen to the audio files to hear proper pronunciation. I had to read the words to my 4.5 year old. She can read English but Spanish was a bit of a challenge. After listening to the spoken words, we popped in the CD and listened to the chapter song.

On Day 2, students read the words again and listen to the chapter song. Afterwards, students have a variety of lesson to complete in their workbook. Some are as simple as tracing words. My daughter really enjoyed the ones where they had to match or cut and paste.

On Day 3, students recite the chapter words as well as the chapter song from memory. This is a great time to showcase their learning, and what kid doesn't love that?

Overall, Song School Spanish was enjoyable. Trying to design a curriculum to accommodate a 4 year span is difficult. The idea of teaching a foreign language with catchy songs and chants is genius. I really felt like the music was geared towards the younger end of the spectrum, while the student book was geared towards the middle to end of the age spectrum. Of course, for us, this worked out great. My little one joined in on learning the songs, while my older daughter could apply that learning in her student book.

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