Thursday, January 3, 2013

Focus On The Food

I always find it amazing to see so many pins on Pinterest about menu planning. Of course, I am just amazed by anything on Pinterest. It is the ultimate boredom killer, don't you think? But back to my planning.

December was a crazy month for us with the holidays, family visits, parties and just the regular madness that is our life. If I am being totally honest, I think I cooked no more than 10 meals the whole month! But my wonderful and amazing chef-wanna-be husband cooked quite a bit over his vacation. Oh how I love when he cooks. It's better than a restaurant but so much cheaper!

Family meals are important in our house. We eat dinner together every night, no matter how simple the meal. There was a time I was so good about menu planning but I have for whatever reason, fallen behind. It happens to all moms at some point, I guess. When we first moved to California a year ago, I would plan our meals very carefully because the sky high grocery prices forced me to analyze every dollar spent. A quick trip to the store would set me back $80!

My goal (NOT resolution!) is to get back on track with menu planning. I know this blog is mostly geared towards education but the fact that this is a HOMEschool blog and even my teacher followers have HOMES, I think we can all appreciate a little focus on the dinner table.

I am sharing my free menu planning pages now and I will share my completed menu for you in the coming days.


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