Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keeping Up With Records

My School Year Online Records

Lesson plans, transcripts, grades, attendance...is your head spinning yet? The issue of dealing with records is near and dear to my heart since moving to California. But even if your state doesn't require records, you may just want to keep them for your own peace of mind. Each state has its own requirements for records. Please check out The Homeschool Legal Defense Association to learn more about what your state requires.

I found a wonderful tool for keeping up with all this information and the best part is, it's online!

My School Year

You can keep up with your lesson plans, grades, transcripts and more. It's all online and it is only $36 per year.

Home Educating Family Association has a 25% discount code that is good through October 31.

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  1. Wonderful resource! Thanks for sharing! :) As a busy home school mom, anything that helps me keep things sorted is wonderful.