Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teach Them To Fish: Laundry

Teach Them To Fish
Step 1: Laundry

I will begin this series with my biggest nemesis...laundry! I have often joked that if postal workers go postal because the mail never ends, then moms can go laundry because laundry never ends either! With 5 people in our family, there is always something to clean. I have never been one to set aside one day as laundry day. I can't imagine why I would punish myself with that task. At our house, there is a load of wash to be done everyday.

My kids have seen me in the laundry room. They know the laundry room is where dirty clothes are turned into clean clothes. What they don't understand is how it all happens. I certainly do no expect my kids to do their own laundry at this age. But there is more that could be done in helping me get it all washed and returned. 

Here are the key points for this week:
1. What to do with dirty clothes- gather them each night and take to laundry room 
2. Each child will take turns helping me load the clothes in the washer and dryer
3. Each child will help fold clothes. I will try hard not to be picky about how they are doing it.
4. Each child will learn how to put clothes away.

We will work on this step for a few weeks. I'll keep you posted. Prayers are welcome.


  1. I am in the same training mode, after cleaning out all the boys dressers and closets yesterday, I am not sure if thinking you are caught up on laundry and then discovering three loads of DIRTY cloths in their drawers is more frustrating or knowing I was not being diligent in my training the first go round! My three are 7,6, and 4...we are in this together and I said a prayer for our patience and gentleness!

  2. Oh, Staci! I know that frustration too. We will just trying, day after day, until they leave home.

  3. I wish you luck! I am so glad I started this training as soon as the littles were big enough to walk I think. Mean momma right. It has truely paid off though.