Sunday, June 17, 2012

Playful Learning Book Study: Free Webinar & eCourse

Playful Learning book study kicks off July 15!

BUT first, some exciting news.......

Mariah Bruehl, the author of Playful Learning, has extended a incredibly generous offer to all
of you bloggers that are participating. 

She would like to offer you a spot for her webinar on June 27
she is giving you one to giveaway on YOUR blog! 

It gets better!

She is offering all of the bloggers a spot in either one of her eCourses through the Playful Learning Ecademy
AND one to giveaway to your readers on YOUR blog!

You must sign up as a participant in order to receive all of these fabulous offers.

Also, if you've signed up to be a guest blogger, please check the  
Guest Blogger sheet to make sure you've provided an email address.

Here's a button for our book study:



  1. Was there a discount code somewhere for the book? I thought I had seen one, but can not find it! I would really like to participate!! I am moving from k5 to K4 and think it would be helpful.
    Many thanks!

    BTW...LOVE your graphics! Awesome blog!
    Riley Grant

  2. Hi Riley-
    Thanks for the comment. I haven't posted a discount code, but maybe you saw it somewhere else.

    Don't forget to sign up for the book study so I can give you the code for your freebies. :)

  3. How do I sign up as a participant? I clicked on the 'Participant Sign up Sheet' but it's empty. Sorry if I'm just being silly about it! I just ordered the book and I'm really excited!

    Teaching with Grace

  4. I just added my info to the sheet so that you can see. Please let me know if I can help you.

  5. Thank you so much for adding it. It still says that I'm in "view only" mode. Sorry to be so much trouble, do you know how I get it to where it will allow me to type too?

  6. I can not add my name either...:( Very well could be user error! Thanks!!!

  7. I am so sorry for the error. It is fixed now, I hope.
    Thank you!

  8. Thank you so, so much! It definitely is fixed. I just added my information and I ordered the book earlier. I'm so excited! Do you need anymore guest bloggers?

    Teaching with Grace

  9. Jennifer-
    Please feel free to sign up for any chapter that has only 1 person. I think more than 2 will be overkill. I am so happy to have you join in!

  10. Is this mainly for Preschool or for upper elementary, as well?

    Pitner's Potpourri

  11. The book states that it is for ages 4-8 years old. I have a 10 year old and I am getting a lot of great ideas for him as well though.

  12. My child is 7 and we are getting lots from the book. I put my name and info on the list but not sure how to submit the info