Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Awesome New Planning Binder!

Teacher Planning Binder Pages

I was so excited to finish this set of binder pages before we move, that I had to share them with my awesome followers!

Have you seen the price of these cutesy binders and planners? Nice but too pricey for me.

So, I made my own!

No fluff, just the stuff you really need. The best part is, you can print only what you need and only when you
need it. Also, if you find that it isn't for you, you haven't dropped a huge chunk of money on it. But, I think you will love these pages!

colorful planning pages
7 subject spaces
(you also get the same pages in grayscale)

binder cover
there is one for each grade K-6

Curriculum Planner-2 pages
also comes without subject headings

There is also:
grade sheet/checklist
student roster
wish list
1-page monthly calendars for 2012-2013
Yearly Calendar (all on 1 page)
substitute notes
birthday page
all for $2.50!!!!!

If you'd like to purchase this fabulous set, please visit my stores.

Teachers Notebook

Teachers Pay Teachers

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  1. I love your new look! It's clean and simple:) Now...get packing!! Hehe!!

  2. Hi Heather, your binder looks awesome! Is this an editable PDF for those of us who do our plans on the computer?

    It's All Elementary!