Thursday, May 24, 2012

101 Ideas for Summer Fun

Once again summer came up faster than I anticipated. It seems like one day it's April 1 and the next day it's summer. Summer brings the excitement of freedom but the dread of boredom. Don't waste the days away sitting in front of the television. Go out and make some fun memories. Here's a list of 101 ideas to fill up the long days of summer.  Please feel free to Pin.

1. Have a picnic
2. Make homemade ice cream
3. Go for a bike ride
4. Go for a hike
5. Paint a pet rock
6. Have a lemonade stand
7. Make a fort
8. Go camping, even if only in the backyard
9. Make homemade bubbles
10. Visit a farmer's market
11. Attend a free workshop (Check Lowes and Home Depot)
12. Visit a museum
13. Have a garage sale
14. Swim at night
15. One day, eat every meal outside
16. Have a fancy dinner at home
17. Plant flowers
18. Go on a scavenger hunt
19. Have a read-in. Gather your friends over for an hour of reading, followed by snacks.
20. Have a sundae party.
21. Find a pen pal
22. Visit the zoo
23. Have a water balloon fight
24. Watch fireworks
25. Go star gazing
26. Make snow cones
27. Make s'mores
28. Go to a baseball game
29. Repurpose something
30. Build a sandcastle
31. Melt broken crayons to make new collage crayons
32. Make a tye dye shirt
32. Make a solar oven
33. Fly a kite
34. Make a rootbeer float
35. Go fishing
36. Make popsicles
37. Watch a sunrise
38. Watch a sunset
39. Host a bike wash
40. Make playdough
41. Get your face painted
42. Have a paper airplane contest
43. Make a treat for a neighbor
44. Visit story time at a local bookstore or library
45. Go bowling (check out kids bowl free)
46. Learn how to hula hoop
47. Host a sleepover
48. Pick berries
49. Volunteer as a family
50. Go to the movies (Regal Summer Movie Express)
51. Eat watermelon
52. Make Gak (recipe)
53. Get a library card
54. Play tennis with a balloon
55. Make time capsule
56. Visit a new park
57. Play dress up and hold a photo shoot
58. Decorate shirts with finger paint or puff paint
59. Find a place to watch the planes take off and land
60. Sign up for a summer reading program
61. Visit the local fire station
62. Host a book swap with friends
63. Visit your state capitol
64. Decorate a tote bag for library books
65. Play hide and seek
66. Make a macaroni or Froot Loop necklace
67. Go on a night walk with flashlights and glow necklaces
68. Play Pictionary
69. Read The Paper Crane and then make origami
70. Write a play
71. Visit a local fair
72. Find a local cultural festival
73. Go on a photo hunt. Give each child a camera (can be disposable) and a list of things to photograph.
74. Make crayon rubbings. Place piece of paper on a new surface and color with a crayon.
75. Make a rain gauge
76. Keep a summer journal
77. Have a water gun fight
78. Play frisbee
79. Host a tea party
80. Wash the car in your bathing suit
81. Learn how to juggle
82. Learn how to play jacks
83. Learn how to play hopscotch
84. Make a windchime
85. Read a book about a different country and then visit a restaurant that serves that cuisine
86. Hold a canned food drive
87. Make a bird feeder
88. Decorate place mats for a themed dinner. (All red food. All foods beginning with the letter P.)
89. Set up a sprinkle obstacle course
90. Have a breakfast party- pjs and pancakes
91. Make ice cream sandwiches
92. Play Twister
93. Go to an outdoor concert
94. Make pencil pinwheels
95. Make a Rainy Day Box filled with craft supplies like pompoms, foam stickers, stamps and colorful paper.
96. Have a jump rope contest
97. Make sun tea
98. Visit a sprinkler or water park
99. Go to a parade
100. Eat ice cream for dinner.
101. Host a Wii tournament night

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