Thursday, March 8, 2012

Laundry, Oh Laundry

Remember that great poem by Jack Prelutsky called "Homework, Oh Homework"?
I loved that poem when I was a kid. Ok, I still love it. Except now I say, "Laundry, Oh Laundry. I hate you. You stink!"

Seriously, am I alone with my hatred for laundry? I know this isn't a "school" topic, but it is a real topic to all moms!
I read on a blog about doing all your laundry in one day. Ugh. Why? I know it's kind of the whole pulling-the-band-aid-off-quickly school of thought. And while I am in total support of yanking off bandages in one fell swoop, I am not in favor of one horrible laundry day.
First of all, there are 5 people in my family, which means 4 beds! That's 4 sets of sheets and at least 5 towels. Do we even need to count the clothes at this point to realize that one laundry day is insane? I mean who wants to strip and make 4 beds in one day? Then, go fold loads and loads of laundry.
Let me suggest a more manageable schedule.
Sunday- free day or catching up day (let's be realistic)
Monday- darks
Tuesday- 2 sets of sheets (usually 2 kids)
Thursday- 2 more sets of sheets (usually ours and the remaining kid's)
Friday- another load of darks, because this is most of our stuff!
whites &/or lights

If you've got a child that is about 5 or older, they can help you sort the laundry. My 7 year old daughter loves this job. I plan on keeping her jaded as long as possible. 

What are your laundry tips? Please let us know. Surely together we can come up with the BEST way to do laundry!

On a side note, I am hosting a BIG sale at my Teacher's Notebook store. We are raising money for our trip to Grandma's house this summer. I truly appreciate every purchase!

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  1. I am a laundry in one day kind of person. Although they usually don't all get folded and put away in the same day.
    And the girls have their own mini laundry baskets to carry up their laundry to put away. They fold towels, wash cloths, and match socks. I usually fold the rest myself.